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Thoomri focus to help all on multiple subjects and area. Our Main Subjects are- Health, Yoga, Fitness, Online Education Training, & Web Courses.

It is very important for everyone to know the importance of education, health & yoga so that they can engage in these activities easily to improve their life.

Health and fitness are very important for the individual as it will help in maintaining the good state of health as well as education is also important part of our life, it polish your future and curve into a better form.


Health & Fitness

A better health is always important part of each life’s & it always gives benefits physically & mentally in your daily life. 

Yoga & Exercise

Yoga is a key to make your life success through refreshing yourself. It impact positively on your daily life and mind. .

Web Courses

Web Courses include all online courses like Digital Marketing, SEO, Google, Web designing & development, social media, etc.

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The Most Effective Techniques of Yoga

In the world of Yoga, Introduction is where the body begins. This can be different for each Yoga practice. 


Why Fitness is More Important Than Dieting

Physical fitness and health are interrelated in that fitness promotes health while health promotes fitness.


Why Yoga and Health Are So Similar

Yoga and health have gone hand in hand. In the Western culture, they are rarely separate concepts. 

Health & Fitness / Yoga & Exercise

The Importance Of Yoga To Your Well-Being

Yoga is one of the most popular activities among many people.

One of the most exciting aspects of practicing yoga is learning how to incorporate it into your life. While yoga might not be as popular as some other forms of exercise, it can still be a very fulfilling activity for you.

It's important to note that there are many benefits to the practice of yoga. The main benefit is that it increases your overall health and well-being.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Introduction, how it works & how to work with it?

Web Designing & Development

Web designing, Web development & programming.

Social Media Marketing

How social media works & how we can do marketing activities with it.


One of the most popular tools of Google for ppc, How ppc work?

Web Courses

Web Courses & Solutions

Web Designing & Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Google, Social Media, Adwords, etc.


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